Why Choose Ellora Creations Private Limited?
Apr / 08 / 2021

Why Choose Ellora Creations Private Limited?

The industry-leading garment export house, Ellora Creations PVT LTD, is based in New Delhi, the national capital region of India. Crafting and exporting garments for over 30 years, the export house is one of the most trusted organizations to work with.

Founded by Mr. Imtiyaz Ahmed, the garment export house specializes in fabric ornamentation and fabric manipulation. Ellora proudly constructs garments and exports to countries like UK, USA, Spain, and others across the globe. The export house houses a team of more than 1800 members including craftsmen, garment constructors, Tech designers, and designers, etc.

Criteria For Choosing A Garment Export House

  • Credibility and goodwill of the organization
  • Clients of the garment export house
  • Reviews from external sources
  • Production Capacity
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Factory visit of the garment export house
  • Production and Client Servicing team
  • Documentation for authenticity
  • Knowledge of the types of fabric and ornamentation work
  • Regulations of labor and law compliances
  • Any valuable association

Why Choose Ellora Creations PVT LTD

Ellora Creation PVTLTD has over the past 30 years gathered expertise and in-depth knowledge about the garment export business, having a team of the best in the industry, the organization boasts of perfection and punctuality.

Expert Team

Ellora Creations has a core team of experts and experienced team members. It also encompasses trained craftsmen and the workforce to handle the assignments and orders.

Fabric Sourcing

Having been in the business for more than 30 years, it has made any fabric sourcing possible for its clients. It also succeeds in constructing fabrics with unique blends on the specifications of the buyers.


The export house premises boasts of the best machinery and a state of the art technology. It includes the latest machinery from the designing, sampling to the production and shipment stage.

Indigenous Craft

The garment export house works towards flourishing the roots of India, making ornamentation like embroidery available by hand. It brings together the craftsmen of India for fulfilling the client’s demands and encourages the indigenous art of India.


Ellora works on strict timelines to meet the buyer’s deadlines. It ensures that all departments are well-coordinated and shipment and orders are delivered on time.


With a team of more than 1800 members, spread across 3 premises in New Delhi India, Ellora Creations lavishly sets its departments with the latest machinery.

Production Capacity

The monthly production garment capacity exceeds 2, 00,000 (2 lacs) at Ellora. The team at Ellora Creations is trained at regular intervals through workshops to upgrade their skills and efficiency.

Protect Human Rights

The management at the garment manufacturing and exports organization comply with the labor laws set by the respected constitution of India. It takes every step at protecting human rights and believes in respect for labor. Health and safety measures are at strict vigilance here.

Improved Quality Of Work

Ellora Creations provides a safe and supportive environment to work in. The employees at Ellora are productive and solution-oriented due to the supportive environment created by the management at the workstations.


The organization is SEDEX approved, a membership organization, and a leading online platform that provides tools and services to ensure that companies source responsibly and improve sustainable business practices.


Ellora Creations PVT LTD is one of the leading export houses in India, that caters to the best fashion industry clients like Nicole Farhi, OASIS, REISS, ALL SAINTS, Needle & Thread, SUPER DRY, Forever Unique, next and many more. The globally exporting garment manufacturing and export house ensures to provide many reasons to associate with it. A client-oriented organization, Ellora and the team works diligently and efficiently to attain a common goal.

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